Précis of Feedback

First Dossier Review

I met with Professor Elizabeth Boling and Dr. Frick separately on November 18, 2011  and November 21, 2011, respectively. The summary below represents a synthesis of feedback that I received from both members of my program advisory committee.

  • Information is well-organized and shows a good sense of what competencies are needed and progress towards achieving those competencies
  • Research progress is appropriate and first-authored study is underway
  • Evaluate potential for teaching opportunities, including associated mentorship from the managing professor
    • ACTION TAKEN I have continued mentoring in I541: Interaction Design Practice, as this course aligns most directly with my projected future teaching within a pseudo-studio design pedagogy.
  • Strengthen the linkages between research groups and my independent research trajectory, including role and contributions in each group
  • Detail the title of the NSF Grant and associated participants
  • Be consistent in linking resources or identifying them clearly, especially where information is spread across multiple pages (e.g., teaching history in teaching and CV). Identify referenced organizations or journals by full name, where appropriate (e.g., IJDL).
    • ACTION TAKEN References to abbreviations have been checked, to ensure that the first use per page is spelled out completely. Resources have been more aggressively linked to downloadable resources or a more complete listing on the curriculum vita.
  • Include more detailed information on first-authored empirical study

Second Dossier Review

I defended my dossier publicly on September 7, 2012 in front of the IST faculty and students. Dr. Tom Brush and Dr. Ray Haynes served as my external reviewers. The summary below represents a synthesis of feedback that I received from these external reviewers, and a full copy of my review feedback is also available.

  • Examples in my dossier demonstrated my depth and breadth of work
  • Continue line of research exploring design pedagogy
    • ACTION TAKEN I have continued my line of research, including the submission of four papers to two design research conferences in the Fall 2012 semester. I am currently analyzing data for two other potential publications.
  • Consider including more experimental/quantitative research methods in future work
    • ACTION TAKEN I am currently planning a research design for a mixed methods study, incorporating a survey instrument and critical interviewing techniques to explore the evolution of a design student into design practitioner. This data collection is projected to begin in May 2013.
  • Explore opportunities to gain teaching experience at the undergraduate level
    • ACTION TAKEN I am open to additional opportunities for teaching or mentoring, and continue to teach undergraduate courses online.
  • Pursue service opportunities on the national level
    • ACTION TAKEN I will complete my term as the AECT GSA Design & Development board representative in March 2013. I applied for the Board Associate position with the AECT Design & Development board for a two year term in December 2012.